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Dear Valued Customer -

Does extreme heat affect your laser distance meters, lowering their effective life-span resulting in high replacement costs? Do you need additional cooling systems to keep your laser diodes working at high temperatures?

Then the Thermo Protection Cooling Case (TPCC) is the right solution for you!

The TPCC helps prevent system failures, particularly when temperatures in production soar due to increasing outdoor or facility ambient temperatures. The TPCC's lightweight and compact construction offers a wide range of applications. At the same time, it extends the application range of laser sensors to temperatures of up to 167°F (+75°C).

The TPCC offers several important advantages:

  • The TPCC increases the life span of laser sensors by 15% compared to the manufacturer's MTTF* of 50,000 hours** at 77°F (+25°C).
  • At temperatures greater than 77°F the TPCC extends the life of the laser sensors. The higher the temperature, the greater the need for the TPCC.
  • At environmental temperatures of 113°F (+45°C) it increases the life span of sensor diodes by up to 440%.
  • Increased operating range of laser diodes at temperatures up to 167°F (+75°C).
  • The TPCC pays for itself on average after only 2.5 years.

Protect your sensors from high temperatures and sensor failures. Avoid interferences and interruptions in your production process. When it comes to extreme temperatures, the redesigned Thermo Protection Cooling Case from PSI Technics puts you on the safe side true to the motto:

„One may only make something new if one can make something better.”
(Adolf Loos, 1870-1933, Austrian architect)


Karl-Heinz Förderer
President & CEO

Your special bonus

When you purchase and use a new Sick laser sensor of the DME, DMT, DML, DS or DT series in combination with a new TPCC, we will extend the warranty for your TPCC as well as for your Sick sensor from 24 months to 36 months.

A corresponding warranty decal for your sensor will be included in your TPCC shipment.

The TPCC ships with the required adapter that enables easy installation of your SICK sensor.

* MTTF: Mean Time To Failure = statistical value for the average working life until first failure (reliability parameter for non-serviceable or non-repairable objects that corresponds to the average life span of an item)

** Source: SICK DME5000 Technical Documentation

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