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Industrial Image Processing System Prevents Disruptions at a Volkswagen Golf Vehicle Assembly Line

Until recently, the Power & Free conveyor systems of two final assembly lines for "Golf" vehicle models were visually inspected by the staff of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Germany, resulting in administrative overhead and larger than desired error rates. As a result, Volkswagen installed the Inline Control System from PSI Technics, a new trolley wheel inspection system based on fully automatic industrial image processing which now prevents costly production downtimes. This new system now reliably and proactively detects material fatigue, which results in lower failure rates and improved safety.

The inline Control System was installed within a few hours during a planned production-free maintenance period. The new system completely fulfills the expectations of Jürgen Bastek, Manager of Maintenance at Volkswagen AG.

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(Image Source: Volkswagen AG, SICK AG, PSI Technics)


US Air Force Base Relies on PSI Technics' "Positioning Solution System" for Central Logistics Hub

PSI Technics was awarded the "Elevating Transfer Vehicle Upgrades" tender issued by Travis Air Force Base in Northern California. Air Force base personnel determined the upgrade was required because the existing Trimble ICS5000L control systems in use have been discontinued and are now obsolete. In July, PSI Technics started modernizing the positioning system at the Air Force Base's central logistics hub.

The Positioning Solution System will replace the previous system, while maintaining the existing communication protocols, PLC and drive. The system will be installed on two Elevated Transfer Vehicles (ETV) used for the single-axis horizontal positioning of pallets at an AFB air freight terminal.

The Positioning Solution System by PSI Technics has become the de facto replacement for Trimble ICS5000 and ASC applications worldwide.

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(Image Source: Travis Air Force Base)


Use of optical sensors in the steel industry

Until now, environmental conditions like elevated ambient temperatures and radiant heat frequently prevented the use of modern optical sensors used to control machines and processes. Worse yet, when sensors were used, the environmental conditions often led to undesired disruptions in production thereby incurring considerable downtime and repair costs.

PSI Technics' TPCC offers substantial savings:
  • Lower your expenses by up to 85% over 5 years.
  • Reduce your investment and repair costs.
Now, thanks to the Thermo Protection Cooling Case, costly production downtimes are a thing of the past.

Lower your expenses by up to 85% over 5 years.

The TPCC is a compact enclosure that protects a broad range of sensors, such as laser distance meters, optical scanners, cameras or barcode readers in high-temperature environments. The TPCC pays for itself on average after only 2.5 years. Not only does the TPCC lower your expenses for downtimes and repairs, it also reduces investment costs by protecting your investment in high-end sensor technology.

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ICRF 2012
International Conference on Ingot Casting, Rolling and Forging, June 2012, Aachen, Germany

The first International Conference on Ingot Casting, Rolling and Forging was held June 3 to 7, 2012, in Aachen, Germany. Organized by the VDEh Steel Institute, presenters from 100 countries addressed current developments in ingot casting and remelting technology as well as the requirements related to rolling and forging.

PSI Technics participated in the event and its CEO, Karl-Heinz Förderer presented the Thermo Protection Cooling Case (TPCC) to approximately 450 interested attendees, who learned how this unique and innovative solution enables the safe, long-term use of sensitive electrical sensors, such as laser distance meters in the steel industry.

In his presentation "Extending the Life Span and the Application Range of Sensors using Thermo-Electric Cooling", Mr. Förderer shared the benefits customers in the steel industry are experiencing as a result of their investment in the TPCC.

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