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White Paper for Warehouse Logistics Managers:
Positioning System Modernization Saves Time and Money in Warehouse Logistics

Installations and machines used in warehouse logistics are often subject to extreme stress. Not only do varying loads play a vital role in the positioning of stacker cranes, but inaccurately tuned components, such as drives and motors, also have a considerable impact on positioning accuracy.

The condition of machines is periodically checked visually. As a result, unintended machine vibrations that can affect system components or positioning profiles may go unnoticed and lead to increased wear and to frequent defects or failures.

Please read PSI Technics' White Paper for Warehouse Logistics Managers to learn more about how you can minimize your warehousing costs and select a modernization option that is right for you.

The White Paper also includes a checklist with recommendations for a successful positioning system modernization.

It discusses options that are currently available as well as requirements for intelligent production facilities defined in the "Industry 4.0" Strategy Paper by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

(The following are but a few of the many world-class customers who are successfully reaping the benefits of PSI Technics' advanced ARATEC positioning system:
AK Steel, Daimler, Groz-Beckert, Hactl Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals, Hanson Pipe & Precast, Herlitz, Hydro Alluminio, Pfleiderer, Robert Bosch, Salzgitter Stahlhandel, Shanghai General Motors, SKF, Stollwerck, Travis Air Force Base, Volkswagen)



The Tandem Operation of Cranes or Trolleys Increases the Functionality and Operating Efficiency of Your Installation

The modular add-on to the ARATEC Positioning System enables two independently driven bridge cranes to operate in tandem. Using this method two cranes or trolleys can transport certain goods or objects like a single machine and the permissible skew is freely configurable.

The transport of particularly long loads goods often requires two skilled, experienced crane operators and the use of two cranes. The cranes have to be driven to the target position and operated in synch manually, a process that is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

PSI Technics' modular tandem operation add-on increases operator confidence and efficiency and can reduce the costs by up to 50 %, as only one crane operator is needed.

Advanced skew control during tandem operation – YOUR ADVANTAGE:
  • Increases the capacity of cranes beyond the rated load.
  • The system can flexibly switch from single axis to tandem mode during regular operation.
  • Increased profitability due to a more efficient use of personnel resources.
  • Optimized use of existing crane installations.

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