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Self-learning processes in material handling and intralogistics facilities –logistics 4.0 reveals unprecedented system solutions for your warehouse. PSI Technics brings you one step closer to the future.  Visit our booth B64 / 10 at CeMAT 2016. We’d love to show you, how your facility will benefit from a variety of optimization possibilities.

Visit us at CeMAT 2016


PSI Technics combines optimization with cost savings potential – for both new and existing systems

Visit us at CeMAT in Hanover, Germany, the world’s leading trade fair for intralogistics and supply chain management, to learn how your facility can benefit from modernization and optimization.

In cooperation with our partners HEITEC AG and Artschwager & Kohl Software GmbH we improve and ensure the productivity of your facility by providing advanced system solutions.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • Modernization during regular operation
  • Significantly increased warehouse throughput
  • Energy savings
  • Increased availability
  • Extended warehouse operating life due to reduced mechanical stress
  • Safety and risk analyses
  • Identification of sources of interferences, savings and optimization potential
  • Lower production costs
  • All components are specifically tailored to intralogistics environments
  • System- and manufacturer-independent supplier

Visit our booth B64 / 10 in hall 27 (logistics IT exhibition) at CeMAT.



Food Logistics, the only publication dedicated exclusively to the global food and beverage supply chain, announced its annual list of top 100 providers (FL100+ list) last year.

Over 150 companies applied for last year’s list, which is designed to serve as a resource guide for the readers of Food Logistics. Companies who earned a spot on the FL100+ list were featured in the November/December 2015 issue of Food Logistics, as well as online at

PSI Technics is proud to have been recognized by Food Logistics.

ARATEC ATC, Advanced Track Control, straight-run control system for bridge cranes


The perfect solution for automated and manually operated bridge cranes.

PSI Technics' ARATEC ATC (ATC = ADVANCED TRACK CONTROL) is a straight-run control system for bridge cranes. The ARATEC ATC ensures that the wheels of a bridge crane are continually centered on the crane rails, thus effectively preventing wheel flange and lateral guide roller wear and reducing crane skew.

The ARATEC ATC ensures smooth crane operation while reducing maintenance costs – these are advantages that our customers in the logistics and automotive industry benefit from on a daily basis.

Significantly reduced wheel flange and lateral guide roller wear – extended maintenance intervals – easy commissioning. The ARATEC ATC is a worthy investment –even for older cranes and cranes with long spans, as well as for cranes that are manually-operated or automated.

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FLP6000AOC Advanced Oscillation Control, software add-on, add-on, ARATEC, compensation of mast oscillation, positioning, automated warehouse


PSI Technics’ FLP6000AOC (AOC = ADVANCED OSCILLATION CONTROL) is a software add-on for the ARATEC Positioning Solution System that compensates for stacker crane mast oscillations.

The FLP6000AOC Advanced Oscillation Control software reduces mast oscillations to a minimum – even of highly dynamic stacker cranes.

The ARATEC with integrated FLP6000AOC Advanced Oscillation Control software reduces mechanical stresses and eliminates waiting times needed with conventional positioning approaches to compensate for oscillations. The result is increased throughput and an extended lifespan of your automated warehouse.

The tangible result: Shorter cycle times, reduced oscillations and thus increased throughput that simultaneously maximizes the lifespan of your system.

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Cut production costs with state-of-the-art camera technology for automated processes


Cut production costs with state-of-the-art camera technology for automated processes – with camera-based solutions for quality assurance and process optimization

PSI Technics offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Nearly all monitoring and measuring tasks can be automated by means of industrial image processing.

For example, powerful 2D and 3D cameras or smart cameras identify defective products during the early stages of the manufacturing process – considerably cutting costs and improving line production as well as automated production processes.

The camera systems are suitable for all industries and have proven reliable in harsh industrial environments.


  • Automotive
  • Transportation, passenger and freight traffic (road, rail, sea)
  • Metal coating plants
  • Abattoirs
  • Food industry
  • Foundries
    and many more

2D or 3D camera?
Whether you need a 2D or 3D camera depends on your product. Each camera type is suitable for a specific application range or task. We would be happy to assist you in finding the solution that is right for you.

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PSI Technics' data loggers record temperature and relative humidity over a pre-defined period of time, e. g., in production, logistics, storage and transport


Exceptionally small, rugged and reasonably priced temperature and humidity data loggers for production and intralogistics.

PSI data loggers record and deliver data wherever needed. A PSI data logger is an encapsulated computer chip with a globally unique address that is factory-lasered at the time of manufacturing. The chip is enclosed in a coin-sized and extremely robust 17.35 mm (0.68 inch) stainless-steel case. Their powerful performance and their versatility make PSI data loggers ideal for a wide range of applications in all industries:

  • Quality monitoring in laboratories, production facilities or warehouses
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions for manufacturing processes in production facilities
  • Measurement monitoring in test assemblies (R&D)
  • Clean room monitoring
  • The identification of humidity and temperature fluctuations contributes to the development of predictive maintenance measures, for example in the industrial automation and automotive industry
  • Monitoring of
    • Climatic conditions (temperature and humidity) during storage and transport
    • Temperature-sensitive objects
    • Electromechanical components or assemblies
    • Electrical installations
    • Facilities and processes

Temperature and humidity in unmonitored environments can cause environmentally-sensitive objects or processes to fail, which in turn can result in significant financial losses.

Strategically placed PSI data loggers allow for an easy and reliable monitoring of areas that require a precise, diversified and detailed temperature or humidity control. Weak points in electrical connections, excessive cabling or conduit temperatures as well as electrical component overloads can be detected and potential fire hazards can be eliminated in a timely manner.

PSI data logger advantages at a glance:

  • Thermal analysis promotes the early detection of weak points or damages
  • Thermal analysis reduces fire hazards and the risk of accidents
  • Thermal analysis aids in identifying and documenting plant conditions as well as potential safety risks
  • Thermal analysis reduces plant downtime and operational interruptions
  • Thermal analysis protects valuable assets and objects
  • Thermal analysis results in lower operating costs

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Since the end of January, the Syrian refugee has been responsible for the assembly and quality control of the company’s thermal protection enclosures for sensitive sensors (TPCC’s).


Karl-Heinz Förderer (left) welcomes his new employee to the PSI Technics team. Mr. Förderer states: "He not only strives to meet our quality requirements, he clearly fulfills them."

In search of ambitious, committed and, above all, reliable new employees, President and CEO of PSI Technics Karl-Heinz Förderer invited the Syrian refugee to join his team.

Since the end of January, the refugee has been responsible for the assembly and quality control of the company’s thermal protection enclosures for sensitive sensors (TPCC’s), responsibilities that he fulfills to Mr. Förderer's satisfaction.

The Syrian, who has basic technical training and already speaks German quite well, is a diligent and hard-working employee. Mr. Förderer considers offering him an apprenticeship to provide a sustainable, long-term position within the company.

Starting May 1, 2016, we will operate under the name of PSI Technics GmbH.


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