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The new and improved version of the ARATEC Positioning Solution System is even more intuitive and user-friendly. Experience the new features for increased safety, sustainability and ease of use.


As the need for managing information has evolved customers are demanding better and instant insight into operations. As companies continue to invest in automation to compete better in a now global marketplace, their demands for relevant information that provides insight into all aspects of their operation has grown. In the past, companies often had no way of knowing how their equipment was performing. And not knowing meant not understanding how operational bottlenecks were affecting throughput or which maintenance costs could be eliminated, or which systems would need to be replaced first.

Today's customer is rightfully demanding this insight. Critical vendors are being selected, in part because of their ability to prove their worth in real time. PSI Technics' new ARATEC Dashboard is one such game changer.

ARATEC Release 2

This release offers a variety of improvements and new features,
such as

  • Improved Motion Analyzing Software
  • ProfiNet has been added as a communication protocol
  • Simplified commissioning of the Advanced Skew Controller

New features include:

  • Configurable collision avoidance
  • Implementation of a digital command controller, for example, for manually controlled cranes
  • Kinematics parameterization for short travel distances
  • The combined use of the Advanced Skew Controller, the FLP6000EOS Energy Optimizing Software and control for a third axis for bridge crane trolleys

Software updates release 1 and 2 will be provided as downloads. Please contact PSI Technics regarding the required software updates.


Conveniently manage your installations with the new ARATEC Dashboard

Easy access to data that are presented in a clear and concise format has become an integral part of our daily lives.

This intuitive approach to handling information provided the basis for PSI Technics' latest web interface development. The new ARATEC Dashboard makes the parameterization of your ARATEC Positioning Solution System even more convenient. It provides all the relevant information about your industrial vehicles, cranes or conveyor systems at a glance.

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PSI Technics Develops New Standards in Cooperation with Volkswagen AG:
Virtual Modeling Offers Reliable Data for System Evaluation

The Conveyor Technology Planning department at Volkswagen AG, headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, had commissioned PSI Technics to analyze and evaluate the operation of a vertical material lift. The successful cooperation was aimed at developing a new positioning standard for similar vertical lifting systems.

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US Air Force Base Relies on PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System for Central Logistics Hub

PSI Technics was awarded the "Elevating Transfer Vehicle Upgrades" tender issued by Travis Air Force Base in Northern California. Air Force base personnel determined the upgrade was required because the previously used Trimble ICS5000L control systems were discontinued several years ago and are now obsolete.

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(Pictures: Travis Air Force Base, PSI Technics)

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