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MIAS GROUP and PSI Technics maintain a close and successful cooperation

MIAS Group has been a leading warehouse technology supplier for over 30 years. PSI Technics complements the group’s portfolio by offering retrofitting and throughput optimization services for both existing and new facilities that enhance machine efficiency and enable cost savings in warehousing and production environments.


Stacker cranes generally have a fairly long service life. In many cases, however, the ARATEC Positioning Solution System can increase their profitable life-span even further by optimizing throughput and boosting cost efficiency.

An optimization is especially beneficial for:

Optimization is a two-step process:

  1. Step 1 – Motion Analysis: The first step consists of a motion analysis that is used to determine the machine’s behavior. This step is important, since the actual machine behavior often deviates from the PLC’s machine model. At the same time, the motion analysis also reveals unused optimization potential. Learn more
  2. Step 2 – Installation of the ARATEC Positioning Solution System: The ARATEC Positioning Solution System complements and enhances existing controllers. It optimizes throughput while minimizing machine wear. ARATEC permits the continued use of existing components, such as PLCs, converters or motor drives and does not require costly replacements. Learn more

Additional Benefits:
The documented machine behavior can be used to streamline condition-based maintenance and simplifies troubleshooting.




Motion Analysis:

Stacker Crane Optimization with ARATEC:


You, too, can benefit from becoming a PSI Technics and MIAS group partner – we continuously work to provide you with the safest, most efficient and optimized solutions for your business.

Our application experts are standing by to answer your calls or written requests. Please call +49 (0) 2630 91590-0, use the contact form to submit your queries or send an e-mail to support@psi-technics.com



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Our Goal: To Increase Your Profitability

Optimizing processes translates to improved quality and profitability. And this is exactly what we offer: Systems and solutions specifically tailored to your needs that save resources and increase your profitability.

PSI Technics combines engineering know-how with innovative technologies like artificial intelligence and big data applications – from consulting to commissioning to care and maintenance – so that you can leverage the potential of your facility to the fullest.


Deutsche Bahn Relies on Advanced Maintenance Solution by PSI Technics

PSI Technics' engineers developed the camera-based DA-MI-KA roof inspection system to enable automated, condition-based maintenance for multiple-unit high-speed trains.

Watch movie

Which image processing solution is right for you?

As image processing experts, we develop custom system solutions for challenging processes, e. g.

for the Food Industry – Watch movie for Railway Transport and Logistics – Watch movie for the Automotive Industry – Watch movie for the Raw Materials / Commodities Industry – Watch movie

Industrial Image Processing / Industrial Vision ...

...designed for the continuous monitoring and visual quality control of production processes.
PSI Technics offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Nearly all monitoring and measuring tasks can be automated by means of industrial image processing. Watch movie

ARATEC Positioning Solution System – Powerful Modernization for Stacker Cranes

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative solution for industrial positioning applications.Watch movie

We are going to show you what your logistics system can do.

We invite you to experience a completely new type of control technology – in an entertaining short story. A clear and straightforward presentation will show you why the ARATEC is the best positioning solution on the market: For STACKER CRANE applicationsFor BRIDGE CRANE applications

ARATEC – Challenges inspire performance.

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative and advanced solution for industrial positioning applications. Watch movie

FLP6000AOC – Advanced Oscillation Control

The ARATEC's FLP6000AOC software reduces mast oscillations – even of highly dynamic stacker cranes – to a minimum. The test setup shows that the ARATEC Positioning Solution System with enabled FLP6000AOC compensates for mast oscillations in near-real time, even when the oscillations are caused by external disturbances.


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