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Newsletter QI, 2020 SPECIAL EDITION
We Continue to Serve You. Always your reliable partner, even in times of Corona.

In difficult times such as these we would like to assure you that PSI Technics remains your reliable system solutions partner. We recognized the situation early on and took extensive protective and precautionary measures so that we can continue to provide reliable and professional support, service and maintenance for your facilities. Our employees remain your competent point of contact and will answer any questions or concerns you may have.
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Newsletter QIV 2019
PSI Technics' Advanced Solutions Promote Sustainable Workflows

Camera-based quality assurance systems are critical for industrial manufacturing plants. PSI Technics offers AI-based systems that extend the application range of automated quality control solutions. Artificial intelligence considerably simplifies quality control methods and processes. Rather than just performing QC tasks based on a set of predefined criteria, intelligent camera systems learn from training samples and perform analyses based on learned patterns. They can inspect products right away and offer valid data about product quality in the blink of an eye.
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Newsletter QII 2019
Proactive Camera-based Quality Control

Thanks to PSI Technics’ Inline Control System, a Japanese Car Manufacturer in the US is able to proactively inspect conveyor system trolley wheels during the car manufacturing process. The system reduces unexpected production downtimes by ensuring that misalignments are detected early on and defective wheels and bearings can be replaced before failures or downtimes occur. Read our latest newsletter to learn how you can benefit from customized solutions that are tailored to your needs.
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Newsletter 01/2019
Everything You Need to Know About PSI Technics at LogiMAT 2019 – Get Your Complimentary Trade Show Ticket

LogiMAT, the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, will take place February 19 - 21, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. The trade show provides an overview over the industry’s most important trends and innovations. Visit us at the collective booth of the Bavarian IT Logistics Cluster (hall 8, booth F43).
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Newsletter 12/2018
A Close and Successful Cooperation: PSI Technics and MIAS Group

PSI Technics has been working closely with MIAS Group, a supplier specializing in AS/RS stacker cranes and telescopic forks, to offer customers an efficient two-step analysis and modernization program for ageing stacker cranes. Read our December Newsletter to learn more about hyperspectral analysis for the food industry or our follow-up modernization contract from a leading Chinese air cargo terminal operator.
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Newsletter 10/2018
PSI Technics' Inline Control System will soon be used at a Japanese automobile manufacturing plant

A Japanese automobile manufacturer commissioned PSI Technics with supplying industrial image processing solution for a circular Power & Free drag conveyor at their US production site. The solution has a unique feature: It is portable. Thanks to a specially constructed case, the unit can be mounted at various locations throughout the assembly line. The client even considers using the solution in different manufacturing plants.
Read our October Newsletter to learn more about our presence at the LogiMAT Trade Fair in 2019, "PSI Technics Insights" and the camera-based train roof inspection DA-MI-KA.
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Newsletter 03/2018
PSI Technics Provides German Railway Company with Market-leading Roof-Inspection Solution

By enabling significant cost reductions, PSI Technics is defining new standards – for example, when it comes to the automated, condition-based roof inspection of multiple-unit trains. Read our March Newsletter to learn more or contact us directly to receive personalized recommendations on how to optimize your specific application or environment.
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Newsletter 11/2017
PSI Technics helps you to gain a competitive edge. We are constantly striving to help you improve your productivity.

The new ARATEC positioning controller positions up to 40% faster. We leverage our expertise gained from a wide variety of modernization and automation projects in intralogistics to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your facility and uncover hidden optimization potentials.
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Newsletter 04/2016
Are you ready for the future of logistics?

Self-learning processes in material handling and intralogistics facilities –logistics 4.0 reveals unprecedented system solutions for your warehouse. PSI Technics brings you one step closer to the future. Visit our booth B64 / 10 at CeMAT 2016. We’d love to show you, how your facility will benefit from a variety of optimization possibilities.
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Newsletter 12/2015
Cutting Costs and Elevating ROI

The right automation solution puts an end to your worries. What if you could implement a solution that guarantees better performance, lower maintenance costs and makes your operations and maintenance staff happy? Well, now you can.
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Newsletter 10/2014
Are You Tired of Fighting these Battles?

Your warehouse is not running smoothly.
Are you experiencing downtimes, delivery delays or loss of revenue?
Are you weighed-down by unexpected costs?
Are you looking for desirable warehouse optimization possibilities?
We are going to show you what your logistics system can do.
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Newsletter 05/2014
The ARATEC Dashboard

Provides a convenient and customizable overview of the status of your machines.
The dashboard interface is a convenient tool that serves as a platform for optimizing your processes and for simplifying system maintenance.
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Newsletter 03/2014
Innovative Technology Rewards You with Accomplishment

Striving for success is what motivates us. Your success is our success.
A tremendous efficiency increase achieved through positioning technology modernization at Bosch, the smooth operation of sensitive optical sensors at high environmental temperatures at a BMW factory, a trolley wheel inspection system that uses industrial image processing technology and prevents costly downtimes at Volkswagen AG – these are just a few examples of our successful partnerships.
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Newsletter 10/2013
The New ARATEC Release Offers a Number of Optimizations

The new and improved version of the ARATEC Positioning Solution System is even more intuitive and user-friendly. Experience the new features for increased safety, sustainability and ease of use.
Additional articles in this newsletter:
PSI Technics develops new standards in cooperation with Volkswagen AG - virtual modeling offers reliable data for system evaluation.
US Air Force base relies on the ARATEC Positioning Solution System.

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Newsletter 04/2013
Identifying and Using Performance Optimization Potentials

Identifying Optimization Potential, Analyzing and Eliminating Motion-Related Weak Spots - At PSI Technics, we ensure the time- and energy-optimized operation of your stacker crane or bridge crane installation. You benefit from custom consultation, planning, implementation and support - for increased throughput and cost-efficient energy management.
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Newsletter 11/2012
Warehouse Modernization Saves Time and Money

Excellent System Stability, Optimum Travel Profile and Minimum Wear -
Customers around the world rely on PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning System. Learn more about available modernization options in our White Paper.
NEW: Tandem operation add-on that allows two cranes to move in unison
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Newsletter 07/2012
Reliable Systems Guarantee Operational and Process Stability

Industrial Image Processing System Prevents Disruptions at a Volkswagen Golf Vehicle Assembly Line:
Until recently, the Power & Free conveyor systems of two final assembly lines for "Golf" vehicle models were visually inspected by the staff of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Germany, resulting in administrative overhead and larger than desired error rates. As a result, Volkswagen installed the Inline Control System from PSI Technics, a new trolley wheel inspection system based on fully automatic industrial image processing which now prevents costly production downtimes. This new system now reliably and proactively detects material fatigue, which results in lower failure rates and improved safety.
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Newsletter 03/2012
Volkswagen AG - Reliable Positioning System for Stacker Cranes in Automobile Logistics

Volkswagen AG decided to retrofit the existing ICS5000L positioning systems in their vehicle body warehouse in Wolfsburg, Germany, and chose the ARATEC Positioning Solution System as their new positioning solution. The ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an efficient, reliable system that easily integrates into the existing warehouse infrastructure.
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Newsletter 12/2011
Success Story – Hanson Pipe & Precast Relies on the World's Most Advanced Positioning System: The ARATEC Positioning Solution System from PSI Technics

In March 2011, the company's St. Martinville, Louisiana, facility decided to integrate PSI Technics' state-of-the art ARATEC Positioning Solution System into their fully automated crane system as part of the modernization of their existing facilities. In addition, Hanson Pipe & Precast uses PSI Technics' TPCC Thermo Protection Cooling Case to protect their optical distance meters. The ARATEC Positioning Solution System and the TPCC provide a robust and long-term solution for the company's process logistics.
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Newsletter Special Newsletter Edition 2011-08
Are Your Sensors Suffering from Extreme Heat?

Then the TPCC is the solution! The Thermo Protection Cooling Case extends the application range of laser distance meters to up to 167°F (+75°C) and increases the life span of laser sensor diodes by up to 440% at environmental temperatures of 113°F (+45°C). Your advantage: Extended sensor life even at high temperatures. Moreover: extend the warranty for your TPCC as well as for your Sick sensor from 24 months to 36 months.
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Which image processing solution is right for you?

As image processing experts, we develop custom system solutions for challenging processes, e. g. for the Food Industry - Watch movie for Railway Transport and Logistics - Watch movie for the Automotive Industry - Watch movie for the Raw Materials / Commodities Industry - Watch movie

Industrial Image Processing / Industrial Vision

Designed for the continuous monitoring and visual quality control of production processes.

PSI Technics offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Nearly all monitoring and measuring tasks can be automated by means of industrial image processing. Watch movie

ARATEC Positioning Solution System – Powerful Modernization for Stacker Cranes

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative solution for industrial positioning applications.Watch movie

We are going to show you what your logistics system can do.

We invite you to experience a completely new type of control technology – in an entertaining short story. A clear and straightforward presentation will show you why the ARATEC is the best positioning solution on the market: For STACKER CRANE applicationsFor BRIDGE CRANE applications

ARATEC – Challenges inspire performance.

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative and advanced solution for industrial positioning applications. Watch movie

FLP6000AOC – Advanced Oscillation Control

The ARATEC's FLP6000AOC software reduces mast oscillations – even of highly dynamic stacker cranes – to a minimum. The test setup shows that the ARATEC Positioning Solution System with enabled FLP6000AOC compensates for mast oscillations in near-real time, even when the oscillations are caused by external disturbances.


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