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25.05.2021 - Inspection of trains during transit: Digital inspection processes with added value

Trains and rail transport systems are subject to enormous demands. Rough environments as well as the highest speeds in wind and weather put all components under extreme stress. Inspections are essential if consequential damage or even operational disruptions are to be avoided. With digital and automated inspection systems from PSI Technics, inspections of trains are carried out in the shortest possible time with reliable results.
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29.04.2021 - PSI Technics GmbH and Consilium Asset Management start a close cooperation in the Netherlands

Both companies have years of comprehensive experience and do complement each other to reduce cost of ownership of assets. PSI Technics with its extensive knowledge in Business Analytics, Digitalization, Automation and Maintenance processes for instance and Consilium Asset Management with its proven integral Asset Management Methodology and Business Consultancy and its high-level expertise of Zero Emission Mobility solutions. It is a unique combination to serve asset driven companies in their focus area such as sustainable Energy, Hydrogen driven mobility solutions and digitalization and automation processes in the rail transport sector.
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23.10.2020 - The Next Generation ARATEC is Now Available – Options for Upgrading to the Latest ARATEC Controller

The safe and reliable operation of your facilities is of utmost importance. That is why we constantly develop new technologies and solutions to ensure that your systems keep running smoothly. But eventually, every technical module reaches the end of its product life, as is the case with our current ARATEC controller, which will be replaced with a next generation model. This will not affect our services in any way. PSI Technics offers optimum service for a smooth and easy transition.
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01.11.2019 - Transparency, optimum cost control and active customer participation – this is how we create imaging processing systems that are tailored to your needs.

Our approach ensures that you don’t need to navigate a maze of products and venture into unknown territory to find the perfect imaging solution. We develop the system in 5 transparent steps in close cooperation with you to ultimately provide you with a solution that is designed to meet your individual requirements right from the start.
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01.03.2018 - Determine Modernization Outcomes in Advance and Maximize Your Throughput – Risk-free

PSI Technics’ new ARATEC positioning controller FLP 4.0 shortens cycle times in industrial material handling facilities by up to 24%. It reduces mechanical stresses and positions stacker cranes up to 40% faster.
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27.11.2017 - The New ARATEC Positioning Controller Positions up to 40% Faster

Our new ARATEC positioning controller FLP 4.0 and the optional add-on modules now enable an even better fine-tuning of the motion sequences of your intralogistics system. The controller design is very robust, enables a smoother positioning, reduces cycle times and increases system availability.
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27.11.2017 - Professional Consulting for Intralogistics Facilities

Experience has shown that a motion analysis can reveal an increased throughput potential of up to 20%. PSI Technics helps you to gain a competitive edge. We are constantly striving to help you improve your productivity. We leverage our expertise gained from a wide variety of modernization and automation projects in intralogistics to provide you with an in-depth analysis of your facility and uncover hidden optimization potentials.
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01.12.2015 - PSI Technics Featured in Food Logistics FL100+ List in 2015

Food Logistics, the only publication dedicated exclusively to the global food and beverage supply chain, announced its annual list of top 100 providers (FL100+ list).
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18.02.2015 - Trimble Announces End of Service for ICS5000 Positioning System

ARATEC Positioning Solution System is the leading replacement for the Trimble (or Spectra Precision and Geotronics) products ICS5000, TCS4000 or ASC and leading PLC- and drive-based positioning approaches within manufacturing, distribution or warehouse applications.
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27.09.2014 - ARATEC Intelligent Positioning Technology Has Proven to Leave the Leading Standard Far Behind

PSI Technics develops new and innovative methods for optimizing intralogistics facilities.
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26.09.2014 - Evaluating Your Cranes' Performance has Never Been Easier

The PSI Technics MA6000MC Motion Analysis Kit helps you to detect interferences and reveals the hidden potential of your facility.
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25.09.2014 - PSI Technics' Sensor Protection Cases

Optimally protect sensitive sensors from heat, cold, weather conditions and dust.
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24.09.2014 - PSI Technics Sensor Cleaning Kit

PSI Technics Sensor Cleaning Kit is the ideal tool for the regular care of optical sensors, reflectors and sensor protection cases.
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22.09.2014 - Companies Worldwide Rely on PSI Technics

Volkswagen, Bosch, Automation Machine Design, SKF and Rotalec rely on the solutions of PSI Technics.
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01.08.2014 - FLP6000AOC (Advanced Oscillation Control)

Control system of ARATEC to decrease mast oscillations of stacker cranes.
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18.07.2014 - Intuitive and User-friendly: The ARATEC Dashboard

The ARATEC Dashboard provides a completely new insight into your industrial machines. It offers a platform for process optimization and simplifies system maintenance.
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01.07.2014 - Innovative Technology Rewards You with Accomplishment

PSI Technics achieves tremendous efficiency increases at Bosch, BMW and Volkswagen.
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18.06.2014 - New Partnerships – Joining Forces with a Network of International Partners

We are pleased to announce that as of 2014, PSI Technics partners with the HEITEC and MIAS Groups in a variety of fields.
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28.05.2014 - 21st Annual Crane Symposium - AISTech

On June 9, 2014 PSI Technics is going to present on the topic "Predictive Maintenance for Automated and Manual Overhead Bridge Cranes" at the 21st Annual Crane Symposium.
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18.03.2014 - PSI Technics at AISTech Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition

On May 5, 2014 PSI Technics is going to present on the topic "Predictive Maintenance for Automated and Manual Overhead Bridge Cranes" at the AISTech Conference.
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Which image processing solution is right for you?

As image processing experts, we develop custom system solutions for challenging processes, e. g. for the Food Industry - Watch movie for Railway Transport and Logistics - Watch movie for the Automotive Industry - Watch movie for the Raw Materials / Commodities Industry - Watch movie

Industrial Image Processing / Industrial Vision

Designed for the continuous monitoring and visual quality control of production processes.

PSI Technics offers easy-to-use, application-specific digital image processing solutions that are designed for the continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. Nearly all monitoring and measuring tasks can be automated by means of industrial image processing. Watch movie

ARATEC Positioning Solution System – Powerful Modernization for Stacker Cranes

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative solution for industrial positioning applications.Watch movie

We are going to show you what your logistics system can do.

We invite you to experience a completely new type of control technology – in an entertaining short story. A clear and straightforward presentation will show you why the ARATEC is the best positioning solution on the market: For STACKER CRANE applicationsFor BRIDGE CRANE applications

ARATEC – Challenges inspire performance.

PSI Technics' ARATEC Positioning Solution System is an innovative and advanced solution for industrial positioning applications. Watch movie

FLP6000AOC – Advanced Oscillation Control

The ARATEC's FLP6000AOC software reduces mast oscillations – even of highly dynamic stacker cranes – to a minimum. The test setup shows that the ARATEC Positioning Solution System with enabled FLP6000AOC compensates for mast oscillations in near-real time, even when the oscillations are caused by external disturbances.


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